David Hornstein on left and Micah Libin on right

David Hornstein is a Master Plumber with a Red Seal.

In 2004, he founded his own plumbing business, Aquality Plumbing and Heating Inc. which he continues to own and operate. David and his team are known for customer service and best practices because they treat every job, big or small, as if they were in their own homes. David has been pulling toilets for 15 years. He estimates that Aquality has pulled 2,500 toilets. He has tried every method of removing the last 2 – 4 litres of water that remains in the trap. Sponges, cups, a wet vac, the gel. He believed that there was a way to clear that water down the pipe . . . where toilet water should go. He believed that the plumber should not have to touch the toilet water and that toilet water should never be disposed in a customer’s sink, shower or bathtub.

So David founded Platypus Tools Inc and designed . . . THE TRUNK. The right way to pull a toilet.

Designed by a plumber . . . for plumbers.